A biography of pierre trudeau a politician

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Pierre Trudeau

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Justin Trudeau

Pierre Trudeau was born at home at Durocher Avenue, Outremont, Montreal, on October 18, Lennon said, after talking with Trudeau for 50 minutes, that Trudeau was "a beautiful person" and that "if all politicians were like Pierre Trudeau, there would be world peace".Education: Law (LL.B., ), Political economy (M.A., ).

Pierre Trudeau, who had been an elected politician for only a few years, replaced Pearson as party leader in and was prime minister for all but a brief period in. Trudeau began his political career as a lawyer, intellectual, and activist in Quebec politics.

In the s, he entered federal politics by joining the Liberal Party of Canada. He was appointed as Lester Pearson's Parliamentary Secretary, and later became his Minister of Justice. Justin Trudeau is a Canadian politician. He was born on December 25,the son of the then-Prime Minister Pierre Trudeau and Margaret Trudeau.

Pierre Trudeau: Biography & Prime Minister

Biography. Liberal Canadian politician who was simply the Primary Minister of Canada from to He dominated the Canadian politics scenes for many years and was most widely known for creating the Charter of Privileges and Freedoms within Canada’s constitution.

Pierre Elliott Trudeau

Pierre Trudeau Biography Prime Minister (–) Pierre Trudeau was the 15th prime minister of Canada, famous for his youthful energy, his stance against a separate Quebec and suppressing Born: Oct 18,

A biography of pierre trudeau a politician
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Pierre Trudeau Biography, Life, Interesting Facts