A geography of antarctic

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Geography of Antarctica

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The Antarctic Treaty () prevents militarization of the Antarctic continent and suspends territorial claims by states for the life of the treaty.


The Geography of Antarctica Stand at the North Pole and, if you are lucky, you will be standing on a layer of ice. If you are still lucky it may be 2 metres thick, otherwise, you’ll be treading water 4 kilometres deep. Cultural Geography A Culture of Science While the Antarctic does not have permanent residents, the region is a busy outpost for a variety of research scientists.

These scientists work at government-supported research stations and come from dozens of different countries. The number of scientists conducting research varies throughout the year, from about 1, in winter to around 5, in summer.

Dec 28,  · Learn all about the continent of Antarctica with this fun educational music video for children and parents! Brought to you by Kids Learning Tube!

Geography : Antarctica Quiz

And don't forget to sing along! Support Kids. Geography Sea ice differs between the Arctic and Antarctic, primarily because of their different geography. The Arctic is a semi-enclosed ocean. Antarctica's Location and Geography Imagine flying in a plane over Antarctica, the southernmost continent and the coldest and driest region on earth.

From the air, you see that it covers a huge area, about 14 million square kilometers ( million square miles), about half the size of the United States.

A geography of antarctic
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