Annoying drivers

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The 7 Most Annoying Drivers on the Road

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The Most Annoying Drivers Are….

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The 30 Most Annoying Driving Habits

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Dec 27,  · Car critic Bill Griffith reveals which drivers end up on his naughty list and the locations where they are most likely to offend. Top 10 Most Annoying Things Other Drivers Do photo courtesy of Paul Swansen @ creative commons It's a known fact that everyone reading this is an above-average driver — and that each of us always displays deep and abiding civility toward our fellow travelers.

May 28,  · For some reason the sun is seeming to make the car drivers worse! Looking back, nothing really bad here, just frustrating at times! I wish people would be po. The most annoying thing about the Speed Racer, though, is that they somehow never, EVER get pulled over.

Rest assured, though, that as soon as you exceed the speed limit by as much as 5 mph, there will be a cop directly behind you with his lights on. Too Fast, You're Furious View "The 7 Most Annoying Drivers on the Road" and more funny posts on CollegeHumor.

I thought this might be a combination of complaints: Drivers who employ the "zipper" merging technique, and those who don't, with both sides thinking the others deserve to get their license revoked.

Annoying drivers
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The 7 Most Annoying Drivers on the Road - CollegeHumor Post