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Chris Woodford wins Science Writing Award 17 Oct Congratulations to Chris Woodford who has won the book category in the Science Writing Awards awarded by the American Institute of Physics Atoms Under the Floorboards: The Secret Science Hidden in Your Home.

Chris Woodford writes popular science and technology books for adults and children. He studied Natural Sciences at Cambridge University. His books include the bestselling "Cool Stuff" series for Dorling Kindersley, and he also writes the popular science education website Explain that Stuff.4/5(64).

Chris Woodford is a specialist adviser with the Newcastle University Computing Service. He is consulted by the staff and by students on matters relating to numerical, scientific and engineering computation.

He gives Matlab courses and has used Matlab in developing multi-media applications. DK Google hopebayboatdays.comopedia: Science DK Publishing, Author, Chris Woodford, Author, Robin Kerrod, Author DK Publishing (Dorling Kindersley) $ (p) ISBN.

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Shiver in ghoulish delight at deliciously dark tales of murder, mishap, convicts, hangings and more as you explore haunted buildings and abandoned cemeteries on a spine-tingling glimpse behind the rugged landscape to discover the rich and sometimes dark and bloody.

Science is amazing. Sometimes it speaks for itself. Sometimes it needs a little help. ~ My latest book, Atoms under the Floorboards, won The American Institute of Physics Science Writing Award for Books,and was named a Physics World Top 10 Book,

Chris Woodford Chris woodford science writers
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