Concorde project

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Concorde Coming To X-Plane 11 – COLIMATA Announce Concorde Project

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The revival of Concorde

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Concorde was one of the greatest man made engineering design projects of the twentieth century. It was made by the successful handshake between British.

The COncORDE project aims to provide a tool that can be used in all member states, irrespective of their local differences, to achieve an EU wide impact in improving coordination of.

It was a product of an Anglo-French government treaty, combining the manufacturing efforts of Aérospatiale and British Aircraft hopebayboatdays.comde’s maiden flight in March carried the hopes and aspirations of thousands of people who had contributed to the most ambitious technological project in Europe's history.

The Concorde Experience Flight on Brooklands Concorde G-BBDG Concorde Experience flight and visit to the flight deck of Concorde G-BBDG One hour on the Concorde Simulator with a minimum of fifteen minutes at the controls. Request New Password. Email: Cancel Request Password Request Password.

When Concorde flew for the last time just over 12 years ago it was assumed that it would never enter service again. to return another to use as part of a Return to Flight project.

Concorde project
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The Concorde Project - The Concorde Simulator