Econ450 syllabus

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Economics (ECON)

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The result, I hope, is that a better understanding of the Great Depression will better inform our understanding of. Page 3 version: Nov COURSE SCHEDULE: Dates Reading/Homework Session Content Session 1 1-Feb Read Chapter 1.

Read Chapter 2. Introduction to course. Programs, Courses & University Regulations Fall –Summer ECON Advanced Economic Theory 1 - Honours (3 credits) Offered by: Economics (Faculty of Arts) Overview. Economics (Arts): Selected topics in economic theory from recent periodical and monograph literature.

2 Graduate students taking Econ for 4 credits: To earn the 4th credit, you will need to complete an additional project in addition to all of the course requirements that the undergrads.

Syllabus Econ - Statistics for Economics Summer II Instructor: Jay Dennis Email: [email protected] Website: O ce Hours: M Tu W Th 1pm-2pm O ce Location: Phillips Annex Classroom: Murphey Meeting Times: M Tu W Th F am - am Prerequisites: MathEcon Recommended Materials: Groebner, Shannon, Fry, & Smith.

Courses Primarily for First-Year and Sophomore Students ECON – First Year Seminar. ECON – Industrial Organization and Prices. Theoretical and empirical analysis of basic influences on industrial markets, their economic organization, practices and price formation, and related public policy issues.

Econ450 syllabus
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