Exchange vss writer service

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Backup, restore, and disaster recovery

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Exchange 2010 Mailbox Database Backup and Restore with Windows Server Backup

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An updated post is here 31/10/ Hi Guys. An interesting issue over the last few days. Our backup logs have had the following failures in Veeam. The high-level interaction between the VSS, the Exchange writer, and Exchange during backup operations is as follows: The backup program (or agent) runs a scheduled job.

The VSS requester in the backup and restore application sends a command to VSS to take a shadow copy of the selected Exchange databases. Apr 27,  · Hello fellow teckies. I'm having this problem when backing up with Symantec Backup Exec 11d where it generates errors about not being able to backup VSS sections on the C drive.

Apr 19,  · The Volume Shadow Copy service uses a writer component to back up files and settings that are specific to a program, such as Microsoft SQL Server or Microsoft Exchange Server The writer component tells the Volume Shadow Copy service which files to back up and then pauses corresponding services while the backup is in progress.

Jun 14,  · Sorry to say but good luck, VSS is the bane of backup software as when it works it works great but when it fails it fails seemingly without reason.

Exchange vss writer service
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