Geely automobiles sales soar in arab

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Business Strategy Analysis of Geely Firm Essay

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Biographical Dictionary of New Chinese Entrepreneurs and Business Leaders

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Geely Auto should look to global trends but our cars should also have a hint of where the company originates from. More Essay Examples on Business Rubric. The report tries to find out the appropriate strategy that the firm should to follow.

2. 0Introduction Geely was established in and started the auto manufacturing innow it has become one of the China’s top ten auto manufacturers, which is fully independent auto firm from research, design to production, distribution and servicing.

For other automobile manufacturing related lists see See also. This is a list of current automobile manufacturers as of February The year of foundation is shown between parentheses, and countries' best-selling cars are shown in pictures on the right.

Geely Automobile's Sales Soar in Arab World Essay

Please note that companies which exclusively produce cars designed by other manufacturers are not listed. We are registered as World of Trade FZCO in United Arab Emirates. is an online B2B trading portal offering scores of unique propositions, services and business solutions to both buyers and suppliers of the world.

Located in Zhejiang, China and facing tough competition from automotive brands such as Changan, Chery and Brilliance, Geely's line up in the Bahrain covers seven models and fourteen unique versions- the most affordable of which is the Geely GC2 at BHD 2, Founded by Li Shufu, and a part of the Zhejiang Geely Holding Group Group, Geely is one whose loyal fan base has been increasing steadily .

Geely automobiles sales soar in arab
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