Gm food blessing or bane

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Genetically Modified Foods: Boon or Bane?

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Tweet Volume X Issue IV > Genetically Modified Crops: Boon or Bane? Written by: Ola Bant Written on: October 13th, Since its initial development, the use of genetically modified food has been the subject of extensive global debate and controversy.

Despite its significant benefits, public concern about its long-term health and. Aug 09,  · Commonly named GM food, genetically modified food has been able to tackle the problem of shortage of food to a certain extent but with every development of technology, there will be negative impacts lurking.

The opponents of GM foods feel that there hasn’t been enough testing of GM foods to ensure that they are safe, for people or for the environment. Studies by the American Food and Drug Administration have some GM foods to be safe for human consumption, however.

Is GM food a blessing or a curse?

Gm food blessing or bane

GM food is more of a curse than a blessing. GM food is a blessing when it increases income. With GM food, farmers need not worry about crops being damaged by pests, low rainfall and other problems every year and having to throw away them, resulting in reduced loss of income.

In a world of limited resources and growing population, genetically modified (GM) food presents a seemingly more efficient and cost-effective option of producing food. The GM debate was re-ignited last month when a group of Greenpeace GM FOOD: BOON OR BANE UNDERSTANDING GM/. GM food has been getting attention on and off quite often due to its controversial nature and in the light of the recent FDA approval of GM Salmon, it seemed befitting to cover the topic in detail.

Gm food blessing or bane
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