Nivea executive summary

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Marketing project nivea. the brand: {draw:frame} The brand Nivea is the number one ranking in the world with its skin care and belongs to Beiersdorf a very important German society and represents 70% of its CA.

The brand Nivea has been created in when the doctor Oskar Troplowitz got the first emulsion of oil in water. A dermatologist recommended him to add several. Operations Strategy ProjectNivea Skincare Akshay Bhardwaj Mayank Arora Nikhil Aggarwal Shalini Ag.

Summary. Versatile, Result Focus And Team Player Who Places Premium On Harnessing Individual Skills and Expertise To Achieving Set Organisational Objectives. Sales Performance & Development Executive Nestle Ghana Ltd.

November – Present 3 years 1 month. Nestle Ghana Ltd - Head Office. Responsible For; (Nivea) Ghana Limited. Marketing Plan has the following elements which involve Executive Summary, Situation Analysis, Marketing Objectives, Target Markets, Marketing Mix, Marketing Budget.

Executive summary This marketing plan was written to examine a marketing strategy of Nivea in Vietnam Moreover, we do this marketing plan to launch a campaign.

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Nivea executive summary
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