Overwrite applicationpagebackgroundthemebrush

Creating A RadCartesianChart – Line Graph

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WinRT XAML (Part 5) Chart

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In an earlier post, I showed how to use a StateTrigger to adapt parts of your UI to a specific device family (Device families are: Windows Desktop, Windows Mobile, XBox. Hey Bob. Thanks for the great video. I really liked the slight, but great improvement over explaining the namespaces.

The previous Windows Phone 8 development video really confused me when it came. Let’s continue our journey to learn the MVVM pattern and how to apply it to develop a Universal Windows app. In this post we’re going to explore some advanced scenarios which are frequent when you develop a real project: how to handle secondary events, how to.

Lesson 2 - Creating a Pie Chart This lesson demonstrates how to create a simple Pie chart with a single Pie series, populate the chart with data and adjust common settings. Do the following to create a. When building a Bing Maps application, you may want to give the user the ability to drag a pushpin.

In the JavaScript version of Bing Maps this can be done by setting the draggable property of a pushpin to true, but the Pushpin class in hopebayboatdays.com version does not have this property, so what can you. May 17,  · Windows 10 – Universal Windows Platform – Tailored App Step 1 Download Visual Studio Community and install it onto your computer, if it’s already downloaded and installed select Launch to start Visual Studio Community or if it has already been downloaded and installed then start the application you may also need to Enable your.

Overwrite applicationpagebackgroundthemebrush
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Diederik Krols | An ImageCropper control for the Universal Windows Platform