Sickel cell anemia

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Sickle Cell Disease

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Sickle Cell Disease

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Injuries to the lungs or leave are treated reproducing to the educational type of damage and the topic of impairment of organ function. Sickle cell disease (SCD) is a group of blood disorders typically inherited from a person's parents.

The most common type is known as sickle cell anaemia (SCA). In the blood: sickle cell anemia and the politics of race. University of Pennsylvania Press. Sickle cell anemia (sickle cell disease) is a disorder of the blood caused by an inherited abnormal hemoglobin (the oxygen-carrying protein within the red blood cells).

The abnormal hemoglobin causes distorted (sickled appearing under a microscope) red blood cells. Sickle cell disease is a group of disorders that affects hemoglobin, the molecule in red blood cells that delivers oxygen to cells throughout the body.

People with this disorder have atypical hemoglobin molecules called hemoglobin S, which can distort red blood cells into a sickle, or crescent, shape. Sickle cell anemia, or sickle cell disease (SCD), is a genetic disease of the red blood cells (RBCs).

Normally, RBCs are shaped like discs, which gives them the flexibility to travel through even. In a red blood cell transfusion, red blood cells are removed from a supply of donated blood, then given intravenously to a person with sickle cell anemia. Blood transfusions increase the number of normal red blood cells in circulation, helping to relieve anemia.

Sickle cell anemia is an inherited form of anemia — a condition in which there aren't enough healthy red blood cells to carry adequate oxygen throughout your body.

Sickle cell disease

Normally, your red blood cells are flexible and round, moving easily through your blood vessels.

Sickel cell anemia
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