Silver linings playbook writer

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The Silver Linings Playbook

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Silver Linings Playbook

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Bradley Cooper

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Russell, Silver Linings Playbook could have been a typically cringe-inducing throwaway Hollywood rom-com.


As it is, this unusual and deeply affecting story of crazy love is a bold observation about the joys and tragedy of life lived by deeply flawed characters facing triumph and adversity against a /5(K).

David Owen Russell is an American film writer, director, and producer, known for a cinema of intense, tragi-comedic characters whose love of life can surpass dark circumstances faced in very specific worlds. Silver Linings Playbook (), American Hustle (), all three films were also at least nominated for Best Director, Best.

– David O. Russell adapted THE SILVER LININGS PLAYBOOK into an Academy-Award-winning film, starring Robert De Niro, Bradley Cooper, and Jennifer Lawrence – USA Today’s top bestselling books of the year (#60).

Silver Linings Playbook: Critical Reception and Conclusions The film premiered last September 8,at the Toronto International Film Festival and was released on November 16,in the United States.

The Silver Linings Playbook hasratings and 11, reviews. Greg said: The reductive takeaway: The adult Perks of Being a hopebayboatdays.commes 4/5. Matthew Quick is the New York Times bestselling author of THE SILVER LININGS PLAYBOOK, which was made into an Oscar-winning film; THE GOOD LUCK OF RIGHT NOW; LOVE MAY FAIL; THE REASON YOU’RE ALIVE; and four young adult novels: SORTA LIKE A ROCK STAR; BOY21; FORGIVE ME, LEONARD PEACOCK; and EVERY EXQUISITE THING.

Silver linings playbook writer
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