Uva undergraduate thesis

Distinguished Major Program

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Distinguished Majors Program

The IMP is supposed only for students who cannot stand their goals through a fuzzy major. A conditional GPA of 3. The Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering (CEE) at UVA offers four “tracks” to the ME degree, each corresponding to a sub-specialty within CEE.

Click on the program name below to view the corresponding curriculum.


Note that each curriculum contains a footnote summarizing required pre-requisite undergraduate courses for the track. “My thesis at UVA is on jury nullification; more specifically, it argues that we should encourage jury independence as a way to create better, more civically engaged citizens,” Frazier said.


Jury nullification refers to a jury’s refusal to apply the law as written. Associate Professor of History Claudrena Harold has known Uskavitch since his first year and was his thesis adviser this year.

“Upon my first encounter with Jacob, he struck me as one of those special students with the potential to leave an indelible mark on the University of Virginia,” she said.

All first-year and external transfer applicants to UVA School of Architecture submit their applications through the OFFICE OF UNDERGRADUATE ADMISSIONS.

The University's Office of Undergraduate Admissions provides detailed information regarding admissions statistics, transfer applications, international applications, deadlines and requirements.

UVA Engineering undergraduates apply and are admitted through the University's undergraduate admissions process. UVA does not have a minimum GPA or a minimum SAT score.


The University works hard to take into account all of the information received in. The Distinguished Major Program (DMP) is a special option within the math major that provides advanced training in mathematics by combining extensive course work (at the level of the Graduate Preparatory Track and beyond) with active involvement in various aspects of mathematical research.

Uva undergraduate thesis
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